أهلاً بميشيل أ. سماحة عضواً في منتدى الاقتصاديين العرب

Pursuing a PhD at West Paris University – Nanterre la Défense, Michel Samaha is an Economist and urban Development Specialist. He has worked with the World Bank & CDR (Lebanese Government) between 2011 and 2014 as a socio-economic development specialist providing technical assistance for local authorities and elaborating strategies to promote local and city development. In 2014 he worked as a consultant and economic lead researcher at the Arab Council for Social Sciences. Starting 2015, he was appointed project manager at the UNDP-Beirut supporting the Ministry of Social Affairs in elaborating a National Social Development Strategy. Michel A. Samaha is a lecturer at Lebanese University and Lebanese American University-Beirut. He is a member of the Lebanese Association of Sociology, Urban Economics Association, World Economic Association and Bassel Fleihan Financial & Economic Institute (Ministry of Finance- Lebanon). He works on Economic and Socio-economic Development topics, Urban Economics, Economic Growth Model & Welfare State, Labor Economy, Organizations and Institutional Economy.

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