Conférence-débat : Economic Priorities After the Arab Revolution

Le Cercle des Economistes Arabes en partenariat avec Casa Arabe

Conférence-débat : Economic Priorities After the Arab Revolution

Madrid 21 novembre 2011 – Casa Arabe Headquarters

Casa Árabe, in collaboration with Le Cercle d ́Economistes Arabes and the GDRI DREEM (C.N.R.S. International Research Group for the Development of Euro-Mediterranean Economic Research), organizes this international conference. 

After a first analysis of the economic effects and implications of the revolutions, with the in- ternational financial crisis in the background, experts in each field will examine and discuss as well some of the main economic aspects and areas that will require special attention in the current process of transition: the reform of the education and the creation of employment opportunities for the youth; competitiveness, private sector development and governance; commercial opening and economic liberalization; industrial policy and resource management.

Now that the political processes of transition and reform has just started is fundamental to tackle these issues from a long-term perspective for the stability and sustainability of the democracies

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