Confronting Fragmentation in Syria

The report

Fragmentation, as the process of drastic shattering in the social, economic, political, and cultural structures within the society, is being ingrained by various internal and external subjugating powers disintegrating of country sovereignty and pushing the majority of people to act against their own good and against their future. The fragmentation in Syria has become a black hole that turns local and international human and material resources to sabotage and chaos engines. This fragmentation status, if not confronted, can last for more time to come and settle as viable inevitable institutions. “Confronting Fragmentation” report is part of series of reports on assessing the socioeconomic impact of the crisis in Syria. The report, which covers the conflict during 2015 on quarterly basis, aims to estimate, document and analyse the catastrophic socioeconomic impact of the ongoing armed-conflict; using recent quantitative and qualitative methods.

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